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The Wedding Planner's Way

As a wedding planner, I've seen it all,

The things that can go wrong at a wedding hall,

From weather that won't cooperate, to decor that's late,

But I always find a way, to make it great.

A bride's dress that rips, just before she walks down the aisle,

The caterer forgets the cake, leaving guests in a vile,

The DJ's sound system fails, leaving guests in a daze,

But I remain calm, and quickly improvise ways.

The rings are missing, the flower girl got stage fright,

The groom is sweating, and the best man lost the ring light,

The rain pours down, ruining outdoor plans,

But I've got backups, and alternative wedding strands.

These challenges may seem daunting, but I rise to the task,

I make sure every detail, is perfectly in place at last,

I put out fires, before they start to blaze,

And bring back smiles, to every worried face.

So let the challenges come, I'll handle them with grace,

For a wedding planner's job, is to make sure the day is laced,

With love, laughter and memories, that will forever last,

And I take pride in knowing, I made the day a success at last.

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