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"Eternal Serenade: A Valentine's Ode"

In the whispers of roses, sweet and red, Where love's tender verses softly tread, Two hearts entwined, in the embrace of fate, Embrace the rhythm of love, in passion's gait.

Amidst the symphony of fluttering hearts, Where Cupid's arrows find their marks, A tapestry of affection, woven in rhyme, Echoes the cadence of love, transcending time.

In the twilight's embrace, where dreams take flight, Amidst the stars' gentle, flickering light, Two souls unite, in a timeless dance, Finding solace and refuge in love's sweet expanse.

Hand in hand, through love's sacred maze, In each tender touch, the heart's fervent blaze, A promise etched in the whispers of the night, To cherish and hold, in love's purest light.

With every heartbeat, a sonnet unfurled, A serenade of love, in a boundless world, Where passion's embrace knows no refrain, In the melody of love, two hearts remain.

In this ode to love, let our spirits entwine, As we celebrate the union, sweet and divine, May this Valentine's Day, with love's gentle sway, Bring endless joy and bliss, in each cherished day.

From my heart to yours,

Lindsay Covello

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