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A Superhero's Actions

It was the year 2025, on a wedding day,

There were mishaps that caused dismay,

The groom was late, the cake fell down,

The flowers wilted, the bridesmaid frowned.

But in the midst of chaos and gloom,

A superhero appeared,

dispelling the doom,

FJE was mighty and true, a hero so bold,

With powers of strength and courage untold.

FJE lifted the cake with a mighty hand,

& summoned new flowers to grace the land,

She rushed the groom to the church with speed,

And made the bridesmaid smile with her deed.

With FJE's help, the wedding was saved,

And the couple's love was forever engraved,

In the hearts of all who witnessed that day,

A tale of a hero who came to save the way.

So let us remember this story with glee,

Of how FJE saved a wedding in the latest century

And let us hold on to hope and light,

For heroes like FJE will always shine bright.

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