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A Little Poem To Warm Your Heart This Winter Season

In the soft glow of twinkling lights aglow, Amidst the snow's gentle, whispering flow, Two hearts entwined, 'neath the mistletoe's charm, Embrace the spirit, of love's sweetest form.

Cozy movie nights, by the fireside's dance, Echoes of laughter, in each stolen glance, A tale of romance, painted by the flame, In this wondrous season, love's spirit lays claim.

Hand in hand, through the winter's embrace, Strolling 'neath stars, adorning the space, The snowflakes' ballet, a symphony in flight, As whispers of love, paint the canvas of night.

Crafts and creations, in love's tender hold, Bonds made stronger, with stories retold, Ornaments crafted, with memories entwined, In each stroke and detail, our love we find.

Candlelit dinners, with warmth in the air, The aroma of love, a feast we both share, Amidst the flickering glow, our hearts align, In the soft, tender silence, our souls intertwine.

A cabin secluded, in the woods' embrace, Nature's serenade, our hearts gently grace, In this tranquil haven, our love finds its way, Amidst snow-covered pines, forever we'll stay.

Gifts of the heart, with meaning so deep, Tokens of love, in each memory they keep, In each cherished offering, our love's story unfolds, A tapestry of devotion, in each gift it beholds.

Traditions we cherish, in the season's embrace, From tree decorations to treats we both taste, In each shared moment, our love finds its home, In the fabric of time, forever to roam.

As the holiday spirit, its magic imparts, Our love, like a symphony, captures all hearts, In this season of joy, where spirits take flight, Our love, like a beacon, shines ever so bright.

Embrace the enchantment, let love be the guide, In this festive wonderland, where dreams do reside, May each tender moment, forever entwine, In this timeless love story, that's solely yours and mine.

Enjoy the warmth, from my home to yours,

The Faith Jewel Family

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