• Lindsay Covello

20 Date Nights for The Quarantined Couple

Stuck inside because of social distancing? Here are 20 Date Ideas to enjoy with your significant other!

  1. Play “Would You Rather?” You may know some of the answers already, however this allows a conversation to open up and flow nicely.

  2. Give each other massages. Add some lotion or hot oil and let the stress out.

  3. Have a picnic in your own backyard. Lay a blanket on the ground and enjoy some sandwiches and wine.

  4. Sing your heart out with a karaoke night! Compare your favorite songs or do a duet.

  5. DIY Craft night- maybe you have some old peanut butter glass jars or some old clothing that needs some new life. Grab some paints and try your hand at being the next Picasso.

  6. Do a puzzle! Glue the pieces together and create a new wall piece.

  7. Play the Newlywed Game! See how well you really know one another. Have prizes for every correct answer. You can check out some fun questions here.

  8. Have a blind date with your partner by cooking dinner together. One of you can walk the other through the meal while guiding their hands through every measurement, every chop, every scoop and more.

  9. Have a Video Game night. Showcase your skills and then compete with your partner to see who can win.

  10. Have a pizza party- grab some dough from a local pizza parlor & make your own pies utilizing at home ingredients. You can then share each other’s and indulge in each other’s creativity.

  11. Themed Date Nights! Be Italian for a night and play ‘That’s Amore!’ in the background as you eat spaghetti create your own gelato. Or go Mexican with some salsa dancing on a Taco Tuesday! Whatever it is have fun with it!

  12. Enjoy dinner by candlelight- whatever you decide to eat, whether it be a homemade meal, macaroni and cheese, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches or canned soup-everything is better with a little romantic candlelight.

  13. Ever want to be a part of a book Club? Now have one for two members! . Each of you should read the same book and discuss it chapter after chapter.

  14. Scrapbook! Grab some old photos and some different colored paper and stickers and write out your favorite memories for each.

  15. Enjoy a bubble bath together - Use some scented candles, some rose petals and/or bath bombs and indulge in one of the most intimate ways to connect with your partner.

  16. Build a fort together with extra linens. Place some pillows inside and be a kid again! Discuss your dreams and hopes together and what you are doing to get there.

  17. Create a play! Write out the story of how you fell in love (from your perspective). Then grab some props and ask your partner to play along. Share your favorite moments and see which ones both of you remember and how it varies from each of your perspectives.

  18. Attempt your hand at breaking a world record. Try something you have always wanted to do. You and your partner can do it separately as a competition or work together to achieve it.

  19. Play some board games. There are many games that are meant for 2 players. And you can always play a little Twister. 😉

  20. Do some wedding planning! Each of you can grab a couple magazines and pictures from the internet to create an inspiration board. Look into local vendors pricing, reviews, and qualifications and plan your special day with your partner.

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