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Finding Your Perfect Style

Congratulations! You’re now engaged. It’s time to do a ton of research online to see what style of dress catches your eye. They come in all shapes, sizes and styles which makes them so beautiful and versatile to each woman’s personal theme. How does a bride come to choose, from this vast collection, her perfect wedding dress? Well, to help you out, I’ve written this article to help you get down the basics. Do you like white? Ivory? Maybe a touch of color like blush pink or light blue? Do you like lace? Maybe you like ruffles? Are you looking for an a-line, a fit and flare or maybe a ballgown silhouette? The best place to begin is to start looking up bridal places in your area, researching the designers they carry and, of course, start that wedding pinterest board!

Choosing a silhouette that you like and that fits your body type is hard to do over the internet, but don’t let that stop you from choosing one that you think is gorgeous! The internet is just your starting ground to help you decide on shapes you like but trying on multiple styles will be the best way to find the gown that makes you glow! You can go with a classic Ball Gown,that's fitted at the top and layered with tons of beautiful fabrics for the bottom. This dress is straight up made for that princess in you! You’ll look like royalty in this silhouette. Just keep in mind that theses dresses tend to be quite heavy, so if you’re planning on dancing all night long this may not be the dress for you. The Sheath is perfect for the minimalist bride. Its fitted bodice screams simplicity and elegance as it contours to your natural curves and the skirts long lines lengthens the brides figure. It’s just lovely and light, leaving you feeling free and whimsical.

The popular Fit and Flare, the mermaid cut and the trumpet dress styles are excellent for hugging all your luxurious curves! These three styles have a fitted bodice and will end at different lengths from the waist to below the knee. The mermaid and the trumpet end below the knee and just above the knee respectively. If you're not afraid to feel fierce on your wedding day, this may be the dress for you.

Next it's time to choose a neckline. There are several different necklines to choose from. Some of the more popular ones are the sweetheart, semi- sweetheart, the off-shoulder, halter, illusion and the scoop. With all these options, a bride might start to feel lost,but there is no reason to be scared.It all depends on what neckline will be most comfortable and and have the coverage for you on your wedding day. The sweetheart neckline helps to accentuate the curves of the breasts with its deep cut. This tends to be a favorite among most brides as it's very flattering to women of all sizes. The off-shoulder is a fun and a new favorite among brides. The illusion neckline has just the right amount of coverage, for brides who are torn between modest and sexy. The scoop is such a simple neckline but can be super gorgeous when matched with the perfect skirt. This neckline is best for those who seek the simple, minimalist elegance look.

Choo Choo. Time for you to decide on the train of your dress. Brides tend to focus on the front of their dress and completely forget to choose a style for the back of it! With a more fitted bodice, you’re able to be more flexible with the shape of the back of your dress. Whether you like the more sophisticated fishtail or pleated styles, to the more fun styles like the flounce or the tiered trains, they’re all suited to make each bride feel like a shining star. With the longer trains, be sure to talk to your seamstress about the type of bustle, the gathering of your train, that will work best with your dress so you can dance the night away!

Colors are totally in this year. Yes you read that right colors. No more plain white dresses, brides are stepping up their fashion and popping coloring into their gowns. Of course you can always go with the simple white or ivory dress, but have you considered wearing a blush dress? Just the slightest bit of color to help you stand out on your big day. You can find wedding dresses in tones of blue, lavender, champagne, silver and gold. If you don’t want the whole dress to be colored, you can just as easily find beautiful dresses that are accented with different tones or even something blue!

Finding the dress of your dreams is a process, you can find it the first time you go shopping or the 4th. The most important thing when trying on gowns is to try on different styles first, even if you already have an image in mind. You would be surprised how many brides come in with one idea and leave with a dress they never would have thought to try on! Welcome to this exciting journey and enjoy trying on all the beautiful dresses that are out there!

edited by bridal gown consultant Shae Affuso

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