• Lindsay Covello

Building Your Influence

Do you ever stay up late at night thinking about your business sales? Or maybe you think, man I wish I made more money? You may be looking to expand your business growth. How do you expand sales when you already asked for the business from people you know?

Simple. Expand your database. Expand your sphere of influence. Meet new people. Make an impression on who you are and what you do. Introduce new ideas into the mindset of others. Get to know them. Find out what is important to them and see if you can find a way to help them.

If you listen to a conversation, think about who you know who may be able to help them. Recently someone showed up late to one of my networking mixers because they had a problem with their computer at work. I wanted to ensure they had a solution for the following day so that orders were not delayed, so I recommended my computer repair guy. By doing so it built trust. It showed the power of relationships.

When I followed up, the gentleman had a reinforcement and piece of mind that not only did I know people and many fields, and not only would I help him to find a solution. It showed I cared. It showed his business was important to me. That produces more sales than anything else- the relationship that I built with him now had me and my business on his mind. This is how business grows.

Learn to expand your circle of influence. Learn how to best ease your mind. Allow yourself some extra sleep at night by expanding your business through relationships. I hope to see you at our next networking mixers. Then you’ll see for yourself what it’s all about.

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