• Lindsay Covello

Summer Slacking is NOT an Option

Helen Keller once said, "Keep your face to the sunshine and you can never see the shadow.” It is a perfect example of positivity and moving forward. We are constantly trying to advance ourselves, our knowledge, our experiences, etc.

Ever notice that during the summertime there is a lack of attendance at work? More vacations are taking place; more quality family time being spent. Relaxing is a lovely thing for the advancement of our social needs. We ALL need a vacation. However it is very easy to fall into the summer madness and lose sight of what’s important in terms of the advancement of business.

Some entrepreneurs work twice as hard to produce more sales, revenue, production and overall results. For others, this is their busiest season so they do not have that same time to relax. Often times I hear about how business is slow at the moment. I’ll invite someone to a networking event or to join me in a seminar and the response is similar to, oh I have to go shopping. I’m going on vacation in 2 weeks! Sound familiar?

If we want our businesses to succeed and our customers to take us seriously then we have to show them we are all in all the time! Let’s call people back or at least shoot them an email in regards to when we will be able to get back to them! Let’s portray that we care- because we do! Not 75% of the time! All the time!

Why aren’t we asking our friends and family to look out for opportunities for us? Do you know anyone who is getting married or celebrating a large event? Do you know anyone who might be in use of our services?

I don’t want to lose out on potential business. Would you?

So we must look towards the sunny days. We must enjoy the relaxation while we can. However we mustn’t lost sight of the business opportunities which could enhance our careers. Stay the path and continuously move forward towards the sunshine. And as Helen Keller once said, “You’ll never see the shadow.”

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